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Want to become the next best-selling author? Or just need a job and working experience? Writer jobs might be the right choice for you. To become a writer, you have to start somewhere and you need practice, more than you ever had at school. As it turns out, school doesn’t give us enough writing assignments to develop needed skills; however, if you have a natural talent for it, join our team at AcademicExperts.us! We can give you a job using skills you have developed over a number of years. Whereas you had to sweat over countless assignments at school with a limited choice of topics, here you can choose what type of academic writing you wish and earn money for doing it. Take orders just in the disciplines you enjoy the most and only the topics in which you are interested. Imagine the boost of confidence you get from the gratitude your client expresses to you.

You can also go about this another way. Take all orders you can cope with, no matter what the topic or discipline is, and make this job your main source of income. How can you personally benefit from that? You receive actual compensation for the effort you have put into your education and how that equates to experience that other companies require. That is the benefit of you working with us! We take into consideration how your academic records equate to work experience, and that’s enough to start a career with us. You already have the tools; it is time to utilize them.

Writer Jobs Waiting for Skilled Freelancers

As much as we are ready to accept you fresh out of college or the university, we also need skilled writers who do more than just write a paper, who write a good one so the client can benefit from using it in his studies. Here are the skills and qualities we look for in our future employees:

  1. Research skills. You should be able to, first of all, identify your audience. The clients for whom you write determine the tone and level of vocabulary to be used in paper and stipulate the kinds of facts and materials they want included. Next, you will have to conduct a search for information, online and perhaps elsewhere. Here is where online search skills really show their value. We rarely go to a physical library anymore and the Internet has become an information dump; therefore, you need to be able to evaluate your online sources to ensure that they are reliable and of good quality.
  2. Editorial skills. You would think editing and proofreading are the most obvious skills needed, seeing as knowledge of grammar, spelling and punctuation is important for any writer. But you also need to know how to establish the theme and tone of your writing and to satisfy its purpose. In addition, you need to know the appropriate vocabulary to use for the intended audience and for the topic at hand.
  3. Technical skills. Knowing your office programs, especially word processor applications, is essential in formatting your work correctly, according to style requirements. In addition to that, the paper will need an outline and a certain structure appropriate for the type of writing required.

We would like to view a document verifying your degree, but that is not even as important as your performance. So, of course, we test each writing applicant. We will ask you to write a paper with defined requirements to see how you can utilize your skills. Even if you don’t see academic writing as a long-term career, it’s a good start. You know what to expect from such a job, so you have room to develop your creative abilities before fully entering into the world of writing.

Apply for Freelance Writer Jobs

We cannot leave the registration open all year-round, but if you stay current with our website, you won’t miss it. There are many advantages to doing freelance work that you can explore with our offer. Some are obvious, whereas others you discover while working on your first order. Here are a few we can mention right off hand:

  • Part-time or full-time well-paying job. We don’t demand that our writers have a fixed schedule;
  • Work from any location, as long as you have continuous and reliable Internet connection. You should be able to keep updated with the order and be able to communicate with the support team and client at any time, which is a plus in itself in that you won’t be ignored;
  • Familiar topics and subjects. Most of the topics you have already studied in school, and if not, you can easily figure it out;
  • A continuous flow of new orders, plus handy filters so you are not distracted with orders you are not interested in at that moment;
  • Timely payment, twice monthly;
  • Online support 24/7 and easy communication with the client.

Whether you need a full-time or a part-time job, writer jobs at our service can provide you with solid income. It can be a temporary fix for between jobs or because you are in a difficult situation. Regardless, we always welcome long-term commitment, as do our regular customers. AcademicExpert.us is a reliable, well-known and established employer. Good news for you: our client base continues to grow steadily, which means you can always find work here. We provide services to customers all over the world, and we welcome you to our team. Register an account with us, prove your skills, and start earning money right away.

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