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Freelancing is not all sunshine and rainbows as many people picture it. There are far more distractions at home than in an office, and home is where you will spend most of the time working. However, if you know the meaning of hard work and are serious about working as an academic writer, we welcome you with open arms.

The online freelance writing jobs market is flourishing in many departments. There are numerous offers in journalism, copywriting, and website content, which is all good and well, but you need experience, not to mention natural talent, for that kind of job. On the other hand, academic writing is something you’ve already gained experience with, after many years of education. Even if you want to be a world famous writer or blogger, this is a good start. If you want writing to be your future career, you have to understand that finding a high paying job takes time and effort, and you have to start somewhere. Writing for our company part-time can help you pay the bills while practicing creativity and developing your style.

Orders vary in length, complexity and the amount of time given to finish them. All these factors impact the payment per page. If you take an order, it is best for you to complete it because asking for a reassignment is rarely a free option. Mind though, we would never force you to take a certain number of orders or those you won’t be able to finish, or those that have to be written overnight. Your income depends solely on your needs, time needed, and capabilities.

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Today, Internet technologies are such an integral part of our lives, it is sometimes hard to believe that merely ten or so years ago not everybody had a cell phone. It’s amazing how our world has migrated to being online and how many new technologies we use that were only imagined in science fiction a short time ago. For a writer, this also means that he or she can expand skills to online jobs.

Many people see freelancing as a dream job. You manage your own schedule and workload, choose the location from where to work, and save time on commuting to work. But all those benefits have negative side effects. To manage your schedule and workload, you obviously need management skills that involve setting goals, planning, and organizing the process and work area. Basically, you are your own boss. Plus, you need to learn to motivate yourself with something more valuable than just money.

Freelancing requires dedication. You can take odd online jobs part-time if your main job doesn’t give you enough to live on. However, if you want to become a real freelancer, you need to work at it full-time. You can adapt your life to freelancing, and so it should be something you enjoy. Working part-time in an office and part-time online will only take a toll on your health.

Apply for Online Freelance Writing Jobs

There are numerous job offers for freelance writers, and companies are as much interested in advertising their vacancies as you are advertising your resume. Be wise about your choice of employer. Even if there is a physical office you can go to, the business can still turn out to be a fraud. There have been some cases where the employer says that an individual’s writing is bad and refuses to pay him but, in reality, the employer sells the work to someone else. We try to stay informed of such shady practices in an effort to understand the concerns of our potential writers when they apply for a position in our company. At AcademicExperts, if you are skilled and confident in your abilities, you will find a good position, interesting projects, and payments twice monthly for all successfully completed orders.

Our company works on simplicity. If you are familiar with the topic or you are sure you can do the order and fulfill each requirement, you take it. If you are not able to finish the assignment, no matter for what reason, don’t take the order. You get to choose tasks within the scope of the disciplines of your choosing. Also, we take good care about confidentiality. Your account includes your personal information, including your name, email address, location, etc. All that information is enough for us to routinely update our virtual security systems.

Is Online Freelance Writing the Job for You? Then Take the Offer

We test all our applicants for knowledge of English through testing and a sample writing assignment. If you are confident in your skills, there is nothing to worry about. A work like this is about competition, and we need concrete proof that writing is your thing. The better you perform, the more regular clients you get. All this helps you to earn a constant stream of income.

There is no need to postpone your decision to apply. You have weighed the pros and cons of taking an online freelance writing job, and you know what’s best for you. If the flexibility and freedom that freelancing offers is exactly what you need, apply for a job in AcademicExperts. As soon as we indicate we have open positions, hit the Registration button and join our team.

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