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Free Online Jobs - Shouldn’t this be the way?

Most of our articles are written in the third person, in the same way as you will write for our organization on behalf of our clients. This particular article, however, is being written in a more direct way, because it is the most important commentary we will ever write to you. This is not only because you are a potential writer for our organization, but because it is SO important for all writers to be wary of online "opportunities."

When you see "Free Online Jobs" it should mean fee-free availability. This is the case when you work here with us. There are many sites out there that charge writers to join their organizations to find so-called free online jobs: they are not worth the money. Having been a writer myself, for many years, I can assure you that you should never pay for a job. No matter what promises are made, it should not cost you a penny to submit your resume, your samples, or any information. You should not pay for job listings, and you should never ever pay a company to hire you.

I have spent many years working on research for writing jobs, and I can assure you, those pay sites are no to any writer. Doing your own searching is the best and cheapest way. If you research writing jobs, you will find most do not pay as well as this organization. Most others pay rates equivalent to a dollar a page – which amounts to more than 700 words, which does not make much business sense. You deserve more than that. This is where you can make an income, a real income, which values your time and effort. Sign up, and get started being paid professional writer rates.

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