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I was running a rat-race, trying to keep up with work and home life, 30 minutes to and from work was just making life too hectic. Some of my friends were talking about ways to make money online, mostly from customer service positions, so I looked into it. When I went online I found AcademicExperts - looking for writers to help students, degree-holding writers. I qualified, and I applied. The best part is that I am no longer running the rat-race, I save more than $100/month on gas, and my car has not had a single repair in over a year. The best opportunities are those that give you back more of what you want.

Janet L.

Every job I had was about answering to upper-management, whose education was not even half of my education. I was done working for idiots, but starting a consulting job of my own was taking a lot of time and money I just didn‘t have. Finally, I was reading through a site that had a reference for students to help write papers, which I knew had to have writers. I started searching online, and now I am working from home, slowly working on my consulting business.

Ed(ward) N.

When my children were born, my husband and I decided that the best solution was to have at least one of us available to the children at all times- rather than babysitters and daycares. However, being a stay-at-home-mom had its slow times, so I completed my Master‘s degree in an online university, but was still home waiting for my children to graduate from school. One day, while I was talking to a fellow graduate, I found out about the sites where some of our classmates had bought school papers, jokingly she told me they would have done better if I had been writing the papers - so now I am. I am making an income to help our household and still staying at home with my children.

Amy P.

The economic downturn really struck home for my family, I was laid off in 2001, and my husband was laid off in 2003. We had to work for jobs paying substantially less than our previous jobs and our children were wearing their shoes and clothes until they were literally in rags. Enough was enough, my husband was the first one to find the online writing sites, and together we found AcademicExperts. We are working exclusively from home now, and making more than we did working 60 hours/week at the lower paying jobs.

Pam D.

I actually found AcademicExperts after my car accident. The office environment was no longer a comfortable position, and I was not able to requisition an appropriate replacement for my chair. I started looking for online opportunities and found that I was able to help students succeed and make a living from the comfort of my own furniture.

Bob K.

As a freelance writer I had done it all - web content, free news sites, pay news sites, web advertisement, and nearly everything. Most organizations stopped paying well as the economy declined, but social networking was taking off too. Then one day - the freelance organizations discovered that much like our customer service departments, they could pay people outside the US substantially lower wages/hour, the competition was horrible. I found this site when I was requested to submit an article regarding students ordering their homework online, it is the best paying online writing job available.

Richard H.

I found AcademicExperts when my sister was using the online services to get her papers done. I wouldn‘t help her, told her she needed to do them herself, but she found a service. When she told me that, it occurred to me that could help us supplement our income and help us get the things we needed. My Master‘s degree helped me get a writing position, and we are that much closer to being debt-free.

Cammie P.

The reason I started working for AcademicExperts is because I had huge student loans. When you go to college, the colleges tell you, promise you, that you are going to double your income when you graduate, that was not the case for me. I have tons of student loans and a limited income, I needed a second job I could do in my free time to pay these off, it‘s almost poetic justice.

Devon M.

Like a lot of other people, I was looking for freedom from bosses, ways to help others, and something I could do from home - You know, work in your PJs and sleep in on the weekends. I found AcademicExperts and the style is perfect, the customers are awesome, and I work in my PJs whenever I want, I even take my laptop and work in the park when I want.

Kat J.

When my husband I retired from the school systems, we wanted to be able to travel, but our retirement just was not as large as we expected. We could pay the bills, even travel once or twice a year, but our goal was to be out on the open road. My daughter told me that I should try finding an online job - a job that can go where I go. It took awhile, but here I am, working while we are here in Hawaii!

J & J Mason

Three years ago my husband developed a lifetime illness that requires constant supervision, and care. We tried to keep nurses in the home to assist him, but the health insurance would not cover it, and I just could not afford it. I finally gave up my job to come home, we nearly lost our house, and one of our cars was repossessed by the bank. We got back on track because I found AcademicExperts, and can work from home and care for my husband, without losing the things that are important.

Becky T.

Jamie and I are writing for AcademicExperts because we wanted more freedom than we got from running to work every day and waiting for the older staff members to retire or die (no, they were not real obliging for either). We decided we would be better off finding something we both enjoyed doing. We have been working with the AcademicExperts writers for some time now, we have begun traveling, and honestly, this is the best job we have ever had.

Chris A.

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