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The rapid growth of the Internet has turned the world into one global village, bringing about new ways of working, such as "home shoring" and telecommuting. At the touch of a button, millions of people in distant places are able to send and receive messages from each other. This has made it possible for individuals to work and submit their work to their employers without leaving the comfort of home. More and more people are resorting to this kind of arrangement, as Internet connectivity and computer use booms the world over.

This trend has also spilled over into the world of writing. Globalization of employment has created a new concept in writing at home. Writers work on and complete assignments, and submit them without leaving their own desks. To satisfy the demand created by the emergence of this concept, we seek to engage good writers who understand and are attracted to the concept of writing from home.

Writing from home only requires a computer in the house with Internet connectivity. It is understandable that this is indispensable. For candidates to be considered for writing jobs at home, they must have a proven aptitude for writing. The ability to produce reports distinguished by their high quality is an essential component of the job, and those without the requisite skills will not be considered. Research on the topic selected must be thorough, and all-important research sources such as books, magazines, journals and the Internet must be accurately used and quoted correctly.

Successful candidates must in addition possess the facility to supply on demand well-structured papers which state an argument without equivocation, which is buttressed with convincing analysis and evidence. Because of this, writing from home calls for the capacity to organize notes, to write original treatments, and to revise drafts prior to developing the final paper.

In addition, our site requires writers with an intimate working knowledge of all commonly used citation formats, specifically APA, MLA, and Harvard. Knowledge of any other formats can be an added advantage.

Our website also requires successful candidates to undertake proofreading as well as editing, in order to produce articulate papers free of grammatical and factual errors. Writing at home calls for strict adherence to deadlines.

In return, we undertake to offer successful candidates remuneration commensurate with the highest industrial standards. Moreover, payments are prompt, and we endeavor to attend, without fail or delay, to any queries. You are required to  write and submit from home, and your physical presence is neither required nor sought after. The wide array of topics on offer should not limit your choice of subject matter in any way, while the large volume of work should assure you not only of a reasonable income, but also an assured one. Apart from the freedom and comfort associated with working from home, the opportunity to articulate yourself and display your writing skills, which opportunities the job offers, should act as an added incentive.

If your developed skills, attitudes, and accumulated knowledge match the profile above, please feel free to drop us a line.

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