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The growth of knowledge process outsourcing, underpinned by the twin trends of globalization and rapid advances in technology, have brought about many opportunities for writers of research papers, academic theses, and other genres of writing. These have had the ripple effect of increasing demand for freelance writing.

Consequently, we seek to engage freelance writers – writers actively pursuing their professions without any long-term commitment to any employer – who can help us satisfy our clients’ demand for high quality and timely writing. Our website is a portal for writers of all genres, those writing freelance  as well as those who do not. The variety, quality, and dependability of our web content have consistently driven us to the top of an industry characterized by cutthroat competition.

Why should you do freelance writing?

Writing freelance offers you the chance to work from any location you wish, within your own flexible schedule, and to get paid well for it. Your physical presence is not needed. All you need is a computer with Internet connectivity.

In addition, writing freelance makes you your own boss, and gives you the opportunity to write your own check by managing the number of projects you undertake. You get to work for as many people as you wish, without particularly being tied down by any one of them.

To engage you in writing freelance, we require you to possess a creative mind with a high capacity to analyze a great amount of new information, and transform it into interesting pieces of writing for our clients. This is very interesting, but it also guarantees you the freedom to work exactly how long you wish, and grants you the opportunity to prove yourself. The job demands the highest degree of responsibility and dedication towards work and deadlines. Punctuality in presenting finished work is mandatory, and the job requires you to not only verify, but also double check, any sources used.

We require individuals who enjoy reading extensively, who do not mind lateral thinking, who can take to writing as a duck takes to water, and who can spend hours in front of the computer. In addition, these avid writers must be able to follow guidelines to the letter. Freelance writing involves little supervision, making it imperative to get it right on your own.

Our overarching desire is to not merely meet but exceed the highest quality expected by our clients.  To consider you for writing freelance, you must share this desire.

Writing freelance demands that successful candidates must possess the ability to edit, to revise, and to improve the work to the utmost satisfaction of all parties involved. To succeed, you must simply commit yourself. Those who cannot meet the strict quality and originality required of our writers need not apply. If you treasure your freedom, are distinguished for original thinking, are attracted to the comfort of your home, and to working to a flexible schedule, this is the job for you! Drop us a line, together with 2-3 clips of your published work. Remember to send links (URLS) to all online clips submitted.

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