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If English is your native language, and you are looking for well-paid English writing jobs, you have come to the right place. You may now release yourself from the tiresome search for freelance English writing jobs and professional writing opportunities. AcademicExperts.us offers a great number of the best English writing jobs for native English speakers, with all expected advantages attached.

Our English writing jobs offer a wide variety of orders to choose from, with high writing rates from $7 to $20 per double spaced page. Flexible working hours can be arranged to suit your schedule, together with total confidentially and privacy of your writer’s account, and convenient payment systems to receive your earnings.

When requests such as “native English speaking writer needed” first arose at our writing agency, we developed a special motivational program for native English-speaking writers, eager to apply for freelance writing positions. Successful applicants can experience all the advantages of our writing jobs for native English speakers by registering with our team of freelance academic writers.

As an English-speaking writer with AcademicExperts.us you gain opportunities to:

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The AcademicExperts.us registration process is rather simple, especially for native English-speaking writers, who can easily pass our English grammar test and complete a premium quality sample essay. Moreover, our writers’ support team guides you through your registration process to make it as smooth as possible.

Our English writing jobs are the best way to make extra cash by doing what you like. Your flexible working schedule enables you to write anywhere you like, working on small and big projects of your own choosing.

Take an order by accessing your personal account. When you are finished, upload it in a timely manner and receive your freelance writer’s payment. Feel free to communicate with your customer and our online writers’ support, available at all hours for your convenience. We gladly assist you with any matter!

By providing you with the best English writing jobs for native English speakers, we aim to satisfy your freelance writer’s goals and needs. Your satisfaction as an employee of AcademicExperts.us is our top priority. We find it extremely important to help our freelance academic writers succeed. Our duty is to supply our professional native English-speaking writers with a large variety of orders in different academic disciplines, along with round the clock writers’ support. So far, we have managed to fulfill our duty and enrich our staff of freelance writers, who become top rated professionals.

AcademicExperts.us is a worldwide, reliable, and progressive freelance writing agency, which offers the best writing jobs for native English speakers in the market. We are constantly seeking native English-speaking writers, who are ready to provide individual writing services for fair payment. Make use of your unique writing skills and knowledge gained in the required disciplines, to support students all over the world by providing them with high quality academic writing. Don’t let your writing talent go to waste. Native English-speaking writers are needed here!

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