Dear potential AcademicExperts employees, We are currently hiring two following categories of writers:


English Native Speakers who would never go amiss on our team. You will have access to orders that require the assistance of a Native Speaker of English.

Writer id Earned Orders completed
ENL category Writer id 45**4 $ 3510 74 orders completed
(313 pages)
Writer id 3**7 $ 4750 108 orders completed
(251 pages)
ESL category Writer id 214**1 $ 2674 92 orders completed
(368 pages)
Writer id 229**6 $ 2702 69 orders completed
(322 pages)
61% of our writers are working with us for more than 1 year!

Highly skilled writers with English as a first or second language (ENL and ESL respectively), who have sufficient knowledge of the language as well as in the following disciplines:

Biology (and other Life Sciences)
Family and consumer science
Film & Theater studies
Human Resources Management (HRM)

What we require from our FUTURE WRITERS:

Educational background and soft skills:

  • A certificate verifying your degree We may request a copy of your diploma or certificate, since we need proof that you have mastered at least one field of study. Put all that Master’s and PhD knowledge to good use!
  • Advanced editing skills Writing is just half the deal; you have to be able to format and proofread the work, as well. Knowledge of the common citation styles (APA, MLA and Chicago) is a must for all our writers; you should also keep up with the latest editions of these styles.
  • Punctuality Along with high quality content, a timely response to the client’s inquiries and turning in your work on time is what secures your payment and regular clients. We are interested in writers who can work efficiently under limited supervision.
  • Research skills We are looking for writers who can read and find the right information quickly. That also means good research skills, as you have to conduct an effective search to gather relevant facts. Access to public and academic libraries (e.g., EBSCO, ProQuest, JSTOR, etc.) will always play to your advantage.
  • Online communication skills While polite, error-free messaging with the client is important, promptness is much valued in online communication. It is not necessary to be online 24/7, but if you have orders in progress, you have to keep in touch with us and give prompt replies to your customer.
  • Reliability Once you agree to complete an order, it is your sole responsibility to satisfy all instructions and requirements of the order, format it according to the requested style, and provide the required page count on time. It is also your responsibility to clarify all inconsistencies in the order details before you accept it.
  • Honesty It should go without saying that customers require original and plagiarism-free papers. Our writers should never upload intentionally plagiarized or badly written work.
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Freelance Writer:


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Pass English test


Start Writing :)

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What you can expect


  • Variety: New orders posted every day. We get many orders in different disciplines daily, so there will always be orders that suit your preference and capabilities. Among the disciplines are: Accounting, Education, Finance, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Technology and many more.
  • Flexibility: You can estimate your workload depending on number of hours you can spend on working. You estimate your workload and create your own manageable schedule.
  • Competitiveness: Payment per page varies between $7 and $31.
  • Prompt payments: Issued twice a month, within fixed time periods.
  • Confidentiality: All personal information about writers is kept in strict confidence.
  • 24/7 support: Whatever questions you might have about your orders or the website will be answered within hours or even minutes, thanks to our Support Team.
  • Motivation: We keep up with your work and offer feedback and motivational programs to help you stay interested in the work you are doing.



Dear applicant, please DON’T TRUST advertisements that offer you registered accounts from AcademicExperts. You will waste money for a chance to write one, maximum two orders, before this account will be blocked. Keep in mind that we monitor the writing quality from all account.

We will not hesitate to ban accounts that have drastically decreased in performance quality.

Our evaluation process is the same for all applicants, and everybody has an equal opportunity to become a writer with our team.


  • Free registration
  • Easy to manage account and flexible schedule
  • Competitive salary: from $7 per page and up to $31
  • Daily inflow of new orders in different disciplines
  • Secure and convenient payment methods
  • Round the clock support
  • Feedback and continuous support from the Writer’s Department

Currently available projects:


Social Work and Human Services

5 pages

Political science

8 pages

Business Studies

5 pages


2 pages


8 pages

Good working conditions:

Starting from $7 up to $31 per page Wide variety of orders: up to 100 new orders daily.

Convenient payment system:

Writer support 24/7

Our writer support is available 24/7 to assist you on any urgent matters with your orders.