New Registration Process

September 17th, 2012

Signing up with a new company has never been this easy! A few simple steps, and you’re in. Earning quick money is only three steps away.
The first is to send in as many details about yourself as you can. Relevant information is vital, so we can record the abilities and areas of competence you put in your CV. This allows us to send relevant and interesting work your way. Your enjoyment is our concern, and your latent skills can be turned into an asset. Tell us what you are avidly interested in, and we can turn it into work and income for you.
What’s next? We evaluate your writing ability and confirm your English language proficiency. This is vital if you apply for a writing job. Passing this kind of assessment should be a sure thing for someone like you. This is the sort of work you became used to at college. Simply remember what you were so good at, recall the rules; and you are on your way.

Why should you apply?

Decisions are generally ruled by timing and influences. Good decisions are easy choices: becoming a writer who works from home is one of these easy resolutions. Sign up with us and provide yourself with benefits other companies can only dream of.
Pay rates will swing your choice. Working from the comfort of your own home at hours tailored to your own needs can be a definite advantage. Assignments can be handled around your child-minding duties, your daytime job, caring for an aged parent, or household chores. What’s more, your workload can be as flexible as you like – a few assignments one week, and twice as many when you have more time and fewer engagements. Try finding another job with that much flexibility! This might be the year you sort out your finances. You can cultivate special skills. Enrich your vocabulary, learn new material, enjoy research. Apply all this to the papers you take on; and it will seem like entertainment rather than work.
In addition, there’s a support team to back you up all the way. They are available around the clock to ensure you work with confidence.
Uncertain? Check all these advantages once more, and you will certainly reach a decision that there aren’t many jobs like this. Register now!

Freelance writing jobs and your freelance writing career

August 20th, 2012

Most of the writers who engage in freelance writing have lot benefits compared to people who engage in only single activities. These writers are able to write very good papers that can be used as samples especially by companies which engage in sample writing. It is important to note that an individual will not be able to manage the art of writing if there is no personal interest. Any form of academic writing requires a lot of commitment and desire that increases the general understanding of the writing process. For instance, when writing an academic paper based on the consequences of early marriages, a writer should have all the necessary resources that aid the whole writing process. This can be information from consulting the relevant people who have experienced or have found themselves in early marriages.

The researcher should avoid respondents who may not be able to give the correct information. The researcher should not also rely on second hand information obtained from other people. This is because some individuals will pretend to have the necessary information. Sometimes, some respondents are even willing to give false evidence in an attempt to distort the findings of a given researcher. Thus, it is recommended for writers to seek information from people who show lot of seriousness concerning the research being conducted. The quality of the research is usually dependent on the choice of respondents. This means that a researcher who uses the right respondents is in a better position of realizing better results compared to the researcher who relies on other respondents who might not have the right information.

Most of the freelance writer’s jobs are set in a manner that only skilled writers are able to apply for such jobs. This is mainly done by setting up procedures that require the writer to show his actual level of practical experience. These procedures are not only theoretical but they are also practical. The theoretical part of it comes in when the applicant is expected to provide some answers to questions that are provided during the registration process. The questions are set in a manner that does not allow any form of consultation while undertaking this process. It means that an individual who seeks to engage in freelance writing jobs should make sure that he or she has the right qualifications.

The practical part of the application process requires the applicant to a draft a paper on the provided topic. To discourage any form of consultation, the writer is expected to draft the essay within the stipulated time. This means that a writer who fails to submit his or her essay within the stipulated time automatically loses his chance to join the writing company. Most of the processes in writing jobs freelance are framed in this manner to avoid having writers who do not possess the necessary knowledge and skills. By doing so, the paper writing companies are able to provide their customers with good quality papers. The companies also ensure that the compensation extended to the writers is in keeping with the skills of the writer. Thus, writers with a high level of competency are given higher compensation compared to writer with low skills.

That is the freelance writer salary

August 17th, 2012

A few years ago, the idea that one could get paid for doing work through the Internet was unimaginable. However, now this is a reality that many now accept. The Internet has made many things possible. Students who do not have the time to do their own assignments log onto these writing websites where they post their work for the writers to write. The people, who give the work, have to pay a fee and this fee is what is paid to the writer once the work is completed and counter checked. That is the freelance writer salary. After the writer has written several papers, he gets a lot of money at the end of the month. Even if the papers are not very expensive to write. After one has written several of these papers, they are able to accumulate a small fortune. The companies pay very well for all the work that is done. The writers are able to provide for themselves.

All types of people can do the paid freelance writing jobs. Even those who are not able to walk and have to use wheel chairs can become freelance writers. This is because all one has to do is to be able to use a computer and apply a little knowledge and time. Online writers are encouraged not to have too many commitments on the side because they will not be able to give the work that they do the time it needs. Those who pay for the writers to work on their papers do so because they do not have the time required to sit down and create something wonderful. So it would also stand to reason that the writer would have to spend adequate time on it. The paid freelance writing online jobs require a person who has enough time to spend on writing. The online writing tasks allow the writers freedom in that they do not have anyone supervising them to ensure that they do the job. The writers are not found in one specific place but are found in almost all parts of the word. The writing of papers is a legal practice.

A freelance writer can earn a lot of money for doing even one research paper. The orders are never depleted and therefore the writer can always have a job each day. Therefore, a paid writer will know that there will always be a place to earn money. Freelance writers have more freedom than those who work in other companies. They are able to do their work anywhere they feel fit, even if it s under a tree. The work can be done online and sent back to the client online wherever he, or she, may happen to be. The writers gain knowledge, experience and money, all at the same time. They have to do a lot of research work. When they are doing so, they get to know very many things. Therefore this is an educational and, at the same time, moneymaking career. This is a special kind of job that cannot be said about others. Every time a paid writer begins and finishes his work, he will be very knowledgeable in the work that he has done.

Writing jobs for pride and profit

August 15th, 2012

Writing jobs for pride and profit have been increasing by the day. This is because the demand for the type of work that they do has also increased. The work that they do is honest and the results are always excellent. There are many article writing jobs opportunities available unlike in other companies where they have limited number of those who get employed. Instead of college graduates sitting back at home, they can apply for writing jobs online. They can be able to get money to support themselves. The companies take all the orders and give them to the various writers who are willing to do them. The companies never allow a writer, who does not take his work seriously, to continue working for them because a writer, who is not serious, will produce poor work for the client. This will make the client to look for another company where they can have their work. That is why before a writer is hired he has to take several tests top ensure that he is genuine.

The writers can be found in many countries because they can send their job application via the Internet after which they are hired. The writing online jobs are a blessing to the many students out there who were getting bad grades due to the poor work that they used to submit. now these students can get good grades because the paid writers invest a lot of energy to ensure that the academic writings will generate the best results for the students. Most students do not know anything about academic writings. They do not know the rules or the requirements of each paper. This makes it very difficult for them when they have to write certain papers. However, freelance writers have come to the rescue of the students to help them deliver excellent work. If it was not for these writing services then students could have a very difficult time with their academic writings and they would fail and some would even find it difficult to graduate and then the paid writers would still be jobless, therefore lowering their living standards.

This is particularly true of those writers who live in third world countries since they are paid in dollars and when the money is converted to their local currencies it becomes sufficient for them even to start other businesses on the side. The jobs have also reduced the amount of crime because the unemployed youth now have jobs and do not have to look for other dangerous means of making money. The writing companies make money by deducting a small percentage of the money paid by the client for the work that the writer is supposed to do by earning an income in a safe way. The work itself is not difficult once you get used to it. After a few months of writing, an amateur writer can become a professional. Within this time, he would have been able to write many other papers and increase his speed and mental understanding of how to deal with the different papers. Times like this for a normal everyday student cannot be found.

Different definitions of online jobs

August 13th, 2012

There are different definitions of online jobs. The manner in which an individual defines these jobs varies according to the nature of academic writing. For example, individuals who undertake writing of custom essays online may term their work as providing online custom writing. On the other hand, the paper writing companies that engage in offering assistance in academic writing might associate their work with other academic services that are offered online, for instance, the writing of research proposals, theses and custom essays.

The most important thing to consider when writing these papers is only with regard to the type of paper being written. Some papers are can be easily written online compared to other papers which need lot of consultation. Under such circumstances, the writer and the customer are expected to be together so that clarification can be made where necessary. This stems from the fact that a writer might wrongly interpret the requirements of a given paper and consequently cause too much time wastage. Another reason for having close contact between the writer and the customer is that the writing processing time is greatly reduced. This is because the writer is able to avoid the problem of too much repetition. This problem occurs when the writer is forced to think about the requirements of the paper. Thus, the availability of the customer ensures that all the necessary information is readily available. This also greatly reduces on the total time spent by the customer and the writer in completing the whole work.

In identifying the legitimate online jobs, a writer should be in a position to comprehend the different issues expressed in the paper. The ability of the writer to write these papers is also seen in his ability to ascertain all the different concepts addressed in the paper. This process requires a high level of concentration since it is the starting point in undertaking online writing. It is important for other individuals to get adequate information regarding the online job sites. This is because majority of the paper writers fear to engage in online writing because they associate this work with a lot of risks and uncertainties. For example, a writer may be very conversant in writing but might fail to engage in writing because of the fear of thinking that he or she might experience problems when it comes to payment. This is an issue that has been addressed at length by all the companies that engage in online writing.

Most of the companies have well defined procedures regarding the manner in which they compensate their writers. Currently, there are a number of methods that are being used by the paper writing companies to compensate the writer. These methods include wire transfer, money bookers, and PayPal. All these methods of transacting cash have been found to be very effective. Any individual should therefore not fail to engage in writing because of such reasons. In addition, the companies are able to maintain very close contact with the writers and are able to address different issues that may be raised by the writers. Finally, it is important to note that the paper writing companies provide a lot of benefits to other people, for instance, by providing online jobs for students. This measure helps to reduce the number of unemployed graduates who are coming straight from the school system.

Creative writing jobs online

August 10th, 2012

A creative writing job has become a very common method of obtaining extra cash especially to those individuals whose income is not sufficient to cater for their needs site. Apart from this, writing jobs are also associated with a lot of other advantages. These include, but are not limited to, the following. Firstly, as an academic writer, an individual is in a position to acquire the necessary knowledge that can be used in other areas, for instance, in drafting reports and organizing writing competitions. Most of the individuals who engage in extensive writing do not experience lot of difficulties, especially, when they decide to shift from one career to another. Most of the companies that provide writing services work with people who are employed in other areas. However, some people, within the industry, believe that a writer should be in a position to produce good results reflected in the quality of the papers. This increases his status to such an extent that a majority of people prefer to deal with that particular client to receive the benefit of superior skills.

Most of the essays writing jobs are done by experienced writers who have the ability to draft unique essays that do not look similar to other essays written by other individuals. This level of writing can be easily achieved if the writer is able to follow all the important rules that are applicable in writing. Most of the challenges that face upcoming writers relate to their ability to write essays that are completely free from plagiarism. Plagiarism is a very serious offense to which writers might easily fall victim, if they fail to quote the sources of materials used in their writing. It would be good for any writer to consult experts when writing such papers to ensure that all the required information is at hand when drafting these kinds of papers.

It is also very important for the writer to take into account all the guidelines regarding any form of writing. Most of the guidelines can be easily accessed from the Internet by visiting sites that involve writing. Essay writing jobs online also provide a lot of resources that can be used by writers to improve their writing skills. It is important to note that an individual’s level of performance depends on the ability to put into practice the knowledge acquired. The companies that offer paper writing services prefer to work with writers who portray a high degree of learning ability.

In conclusion, writers can also be in a position to enjoy more benefits from the paper writing companies using the following methods. To start with, a writer should not act in a manner that betrays a sense of not being serious. It is also recommended that a writer should choose a topic based on his ability to write that particular paper. This arises from the fact that some writers prefer to write papers that are highly compensated without being mindful of the instructions related to the paper. Such writers in most cases end up producing very poor papers and consequently losing their clients. Finally, the writers should be able to create a strong relationship with the customer to ensure that the customer returns in the future. This will provide the basis for a partnership in which the benefits to both the writer and the customer will be assured. Specifically, the writer will benefit by getting good compensation whereas the customer will benefit by getting work that is done in accordance with the stipulated instructions.

Academic writing jobs

August 9th, 2012

In order to gain significantly from article writing, an academic writer should be in a position to write different articles in different fields. This stems from the fact that most of the people who seek paper writing services, prefer to obtain the services of academic writers who portray a very high degree of competence to produce excellent work. It is therefore important for academic writers to look for all the necessary resources that they can use to improve their writing skills. For instance, frequent practice in writing different papers can greatly help a writer to improve his or her skills.

The knowledge used in any academic writing is not different from the requirements needed by other individuals in other careers. The only difference comes as a result of the general procedures that are supposed to be adhered to when writing. In addition, the writing profession requires a lot of commitment and serious thought. This helps in ensuring that the quality of the final paper is in accordance with the requirements of the customer. Other avenues that writers can use to improve their general writing skills exist. These avenues are not dependent on level of professionalism nor are they based on the time spent in writing. In most cases, the ability to write very good papers is dependent on the commitment that an individual ascribes to the writing profession. This means that an individual might engage in writing for a very long period and still cannot manage to handle academic writing as would normally be expected. Such individuals are advised to seek other occupations where they can be able to make maximum use of their talents.

Another important feature in academic writing jobs entails the ability of the writer to identify customers who do not engage in a lot of antagonism during the writing process. Most of the customers who require the writers to write their papers under very strict rules are very difficult to work with. A writer who is under pressure cannot manage to write a paper effectively even when the materials for writing these papers are readily available. Thus, it is important for the different customers to regard academic paper writing jobs as being very important. This means that customers should not always blame the writer for any mistake that might occur during the writing process. Most of the writers do not prefer working under pressure and thus they should be accorded the necessary support.

Writing any form of academic papers needs a very sober mind. For instance, a paper writer might be requested to write an academic paper on a very simple topic, for example, on the causes of population increase. These are very simple topics that do not require the writer to undertake research. However, the writer might fail to complete such an assignment because of undergoing frequent instructions from the customer. Under such circumstances, the writer might fail to recall the necessary steps which are applicable to such topics. The final outcome means that the owner of the paper gets papers that are below their expectations. Other types of jobs undertaken by individuals relate to academic essay writing jobs that are also written in the same format.

How to be a freelance writer?

August 8th, 2012

There are many who do not know how to be a freelance writer. To be a freelance writer is not a difficult task. To qualify to be a freelance writer one must be able to write creatively and have some relevant educational background. This is because only those who are academically qualified can write something intelligent. If one has a good educational background then has the potential to be a freelance writer. Those who have graduated from college are even more qualified to be freelance writers as they would be able to handle the type of college papers that they may be given to write. There are also many people who wish to become a freelance writer for the writing companies due to the high rates of unemployment. Those who have finished college and graduated, but cannot find jobs, are eligible to become writers. College graduates may not always find jobs after graduating due to the limited employment opportunities. They may find themselves wasting years looking for that perfect job. They can turn their attention to the online writing companies and apply to be freelance writers.

Becoming a freelance writer is an honest job that can earn a person a living. The writing services offer the unemployed, yet educated people, an opportunity to earn a living by using their brains. To qualify to be a writer all one needs is to present his credentials and pass a writing test to make sure that he is capable of writing papers. After completing and submitting the test, it is graded and the person is told whether or not it is a passing grade. After qualifying to be a freelance writer it is up to you to ensure that you are able to deliver any works that you have been given, failing which, you may lose your account. Therefore, all writers are observant of deadlines and other punishable mistakes such as plagiarism.

The writing companies provide employment to many people. There is no limit to the amount of people the companies can employ because they have no physical space that they are occupying and the number of orders is many, especially during the high seasons, when the schools are opened and students go back to school. A freelance writer is just that. He is free to do anything and therefore he has the opportunity to do other things that he wants, as long as he is careful not to hand in the work given after the deadline. Deadlines are very important because they guide the freelance writer on when to finish the work. A serious freelance writer will do the job immediately after getting it and, therefore, ensure that the work is turned in before the time is up. Freelance writers are always needed as the work, that has to be done for those who are learning, never ends. Freelance writers who do every job that they are given well, without any mistakes, can always count on having a stable income.

Innovations on!

April 23rd, 2012

Dear Writers,

There is another item of great news! As you might have noticed already, we have created a new design on our now has a more user-friendly interface and is more convenient to work with. Our blue and white colors, which keep you calm and concentrated, are there to make the site more work-oriented. One of the most important changes is that the writers’ personal area has some new features! First of all, the profile is divided into three main tabs. In the first tab the writer is able to view the whole set of instructions for the order. Moreover, there is another tab – it allows viewing of all the files uploaded to the order from both sides – the customer and the writer. And what comes as a wonderful piece of news is that there is a separate tab for the messages. Just imagine how much easier this will make the process of communication between the writer and the customer or the support team. There is no need to look for a special button or go through the whole order page just to recollect what you have written, or to send a quick note to the support team who are always eager to assist you with anything.

Hopefully, you will like the new design and find its upgrade useful. We are always ready to implement new things that will be useful for you. So, if you have any ideas, feel free to contact us and we are happy to consider all kind of good ideas.

Writers Department

New Internal System

April 19th, 2011

Dear Writers,

As you may notice we have launched new internal web-site (homepage). Interface is renewed in order to be more user friendly and comfortable, as well as some new features are added. Working process with the orders remains the same, hope you won’t have difficulties with new design.
Here is the list of changes that are integrated:

– Communication system. You may write a message directly from your homepage to the department you need to contact (Dispute, Dissertations, Writers, Quality Assurance), despite writing an email.You can filter the inbox to view messages from different departments. Unread messages are always displayed on top, and at once you read them, they will be sorted by the date of receipt.

Please, note: You will receive CONFIRMATION NEEDED messages. You should “Read message” and “Confirm/Reject” all confirmation needed messages before proceeding with the work. The system automatically blocks all order activity if you have unconfirmed messages.Do not forget to press the button “read message” on each note received inside the order, otherwise you will have many unread messages, what will prevent you from noticing new messages in time.

– Simplified available orders page. Press on the link simple beside the Available Orders tab, and you will be able to check new orders on the page which loads much faster, but has no search options.
– Request to compensate fine. Beside each fine in your financial report you will see a link: [compensate fine], you may press it if you are sure that the fine was unjust or wrongly applied. Do not abuse this right!
– Separated tabs for Revisions, Disputes, My current orders.
– Ability to remove your bid from the order. Press the button “remove bid” inside the order where you have placed your bid. You will be able to apply or take such order later, if it’s still available. Also, you may update your bid, by removing it and placing again, in case order is in Available Orders for a long time, letting us know that you are still willing to work on the order.

To discuss our new Hope Page on the forum please follow the link
Kind regards,
Writers Department

Happy Hours Resumption

February 25th, 2011

Dear Writers,

As you may have noticed we have resumed our Happy Hours publish.
Since Feb 7, 2011 we accumulate the great number of orders and publish them at once within 1 hour. The publishing time starts at 7 a.m. by GMT or 9 am GMT +3 and 2 am GMT -5. The accumulation time will cover the most busy hours, from 2-7 a.m.

On the current season’s stage you can expect about 80 fresh-published orders every day (except Sunday). This number will increase as we approach to the season’s peak.

We wish you good luck.

Writers Department

The Preview Mode is Off

February 24th, 2011

Dear Writers,

Please, be informed that taking into account your numerous pleas and requests, we have stopped using the preview mode in the orders.

The order can be taken at once it is published, so please, pay attention to this fact.

Best regards,

Writers Department