Freelance Writing Jobs Give You Workplace Freedom

As a freelance writer or somebody who’s just starting out, you should know how hard it is to find a good-paying job at a trustworthy company. There are, of course, specific websites that serve as a platform for employers to find writers for odd jobs or long-term projects. In essence, if you’re up for any kind of writing, from blog posts and advertisements to academic papers, you may find a steady income from such websites. But even if you love writing, how long can you enjoy those kinds of spare jobs? What offers is field-specific academic writing.

You’ve earned your diploma, majored and excelled in disciplines of your choice. Now it’s time to share your knowledge, and get back some of the money you spent on education. Freelance academic writing can serve as an additional source of income or be your full-time job, depending on how much effort you want to put into making money in this business. In any case, writing needs your full dedication because you’re not just delivering dry facts. Your writing should teach something.

Freelancing writing has many advantages, especially for those who don’t like working in an office. Unlike blogging or advertising, where you need additional skills, academic writing only requires what you’ve already learned. Paper structure, citation and formatting rules, teacher’s expectations, you know it all; the only question is: would you like to share that knowledge?

Freelance Writing Jobs: Enjoy Convenience and Freedom

Many people associate freelance writing jobs with working from home, but it’s actually more. You can work from any location (preferably one with Wi-Fi) and at any time. If you have the proper sources, you can work on the paper offline and then upload it when you have an Internet connection, but it’s better when you can stay updated. You can also fix a schedule that will allow you sufficient time for rest and relaxation, and it’s easier to fit in a vacation, since you don’t have to submit any requests, just finish the work on time, and you’re free.

This job should be interesting even to those who didn’t like writing in school. Most likely, you didn’t have the proper motivation then and didn't have much of a choice about what to write. Now you can choose the topics that you like and get compensation for your efforts.

Any job has the potential to be boring and tedious if you make it that way, especially one where you’re detached from an ordinary office environment, and we know how home can be distracting. If you set yourself a good pace, you can enjoy the variety that freelance writing brings. Academic writing is mostly seasonal, but there’s always work available. You just need to be prepared for ups and downs. And we can assure you that when you get regular customers, your income will be steady.

Make Use of Your Skills and Education

A major difference between copywriting jobs, the Internet is so full of, where quantity and not quality is the focus, and academic freelance writing jobs, is that with the first you don’t have much room for creativity. The latter gives you an opportunity to use the full scope of your skills. Each order is something new. Even if you get to write two or more orders for the same topic, but for different customers, you can’t make the same argument. What’s the probability of your getting instructions from two different customers that both would lead you to a similar argument? Minimal. Most of the time, students don’t even know what needs to be done based on requirements and it’s your job to figure it out.

Having expertise in more than one discipline is a big plus when applying for a job at our company. No doubt you have enjoyed more classes than those in your major. Now you can put all that knowledge to good use. It’s also helpful when you get an order with an interdisciplinary topic, so you can flaunt your bright mind. It’s really a self-satisfying job to help people with your writing.

Finding a good job after graduation is hard. It almost seems that all companies are looking for very young, highly experienced specialists, which you’re not, yet. On the other hand, writing is a skill you’ve practiced since middle school, which makes you an experienced specialist in writing, but you’ll need to prove it to our Quality Assurance department when applying for a job here.

Meet Your Needs with Freelance Writing Jobs

It’s easy. You need more money - you take more orders; otherwise you can take a break. And the compensation for your work is one of the biggest benefits. As much as helping people can be rewarding, income is the target of any job. Income in our company depends solely on your needs and capabilities. You can be sure we’re not stingy when it comes to our writers, as some other companies can be.

Be sure to submit your application when registration is open and become a part of our brilliant team of writing experts!

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