A Freelance Writer Job Is a Great Opportunity

Some people feel comfortable working in an office, but others dream about workplace freedom, which is exactly what freelancing gives you. Not just that, but you also aren’t committed to a single employer; you focus is on the current client. You can even go as far as to say that you can be your own boss. But becoming a freelance writer with AcademicExperts.us is different because being your own boss also entails constantly looking for orders and, finding new customers and contractors, whereas at AcademicExperts.us, we find customers and give you a steady flow of orders from which you can choose. In the first case, you may have to manage two or more projects, but mostly there are only one-time offers, and for academic writers the choice is even more limited. With us, you do not have to worry about losing income or wasting time, you get an account and offers appear on it every day.

Become a Freelance Writer and Find Your Niche

Academic writing has much to offer, from short, simple essays to full thesis and PhD projects. Even if you have a relatively limited range of expertise, considering your education and previous experience, there will still be some things you will do better than others. You wouldn’t have found our company if you did not believe you had all the requirements and capabilities to be an academic writer, so if you’re ready to hone your personal and technical skills, you’re truly the employee we are looking for.

We would not spam you with orders you won’t be able to take. What you will get is a list of filtered projects, considering your category and disciplines. You can take as many or as few assignments that you can finish and impress the customers with, depending on your availability and what your financial situation demands. We need a lot of writers on our team, and we have enough work for everyone.

We realize that no applicant can possibly know everything, and we can guarantee that you will be able to perfect your skills, and develop new ones. We offer continuous support from our Writers Department, including feedback about your work and mentoring programs, as well as support with cases in which the customers treat you unfairly.

Put Your Skills to Good Use Being a Freelance Writer

Freelance writers require a certain skill set that schools do not explicitly teach. We have prepared a list of such skills, so you can read more about them. You have developed most of them after years of education, some better than the others, but it is easier to distinguish what you can do when you have the appropriate term.

Technical skills, that can come in handy to a freelance writer:

  • Researching, finding key facts and loopholes in a given topic.
  • Brainstorming ideas and organizing them by categories, relativeness, value, etc.
  • Outlining the paper, scheduling writing.
  • Structuring the paper, building an argument.
  • Editing and proofreading; essential elements of writing.
  • Complete knowledge of citation styles (MLA, APA, Chicago).
  • Giving a personal touch to the paper to grab the attention of the audience.

Personal skills, that can come in handy to a freelance writer, but also in any kind of freelance job:

  • Time management, scheduling writing vs. rest and future assignments.
  • Communication, discussing orders with clients, asking questions about the assignment that will help you deliver satisfying results.
  • Accounting, planning your budget, knowing how much work you’ll need to take, when you can give yourself a vacation.
  • Stress management. You will have to deal with a lot of work, angry clients, too; so staying calm and focused is important.

It’s not a skill in itself, but avoiding plagiarism is essential in any type of writing. Plagiarism is a fraud and a plagiarized text has no value for anyone. This is even truer when you’re writing an academic paper, which requires original ideas. You should also be conscious of cited sources, which should be properly formatted.

Become a Freelance Writer to Help Students

Usually, people view freelancing as a part-time job, since it lacks some of the social benefits a good firm can offer. That is, if you can find that dream company and land a job there. But if you work hard, and aren’t afraid to become a true professional, you’ll gain income stability quick enough.

Freelance writers work for newspapers and magazines, creating articles, as well as copywriting for different companies and websites. We offer you the chance to become an academic writer, helping students reach their goals in education. You’ve already graduated from school, received your degree, and written countless academic assignments. You have the appropriate experience to start a career with us. It is time to get money for your knowledge and skills.

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