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A freelance writer is not committed or bound to any single employer. It is possible to enjoy freedom and flexible work hours. Many freelance writers are full-time professionals in some organization. They usually work freelance to earn extra money to top up their budget.

Freelance writers work on a variety of assignments, which that tend to boost their knowledge in specific learning areas. Freelance writers manage to work as much or as little as they require, whenever their financial situation demands it. They know there is no assurance about the amount of work they are able to drum up. Some days could produce no work at all.

Most freelance writers are professionals. Others are students, and work part-time to cover some of their expenses. Many freelance writers face a problem: the uncertainty of being able to find enough work. This makes it hard for them to plan a regular monthly budget. Freelance writers lack many benefits derived from a permanent job, which include pensions, health insurance, superannuation payments, holiday pay, and other fringe benefits.

They write for newspapers, magazines, and the Internet, for various freelance writing websites. The Internet has greatly expanded the horizon of such jobs, offering  more opportunities for freelance writers to work independently.

Freelance writers have found a new avenue for work, in the form of the Internet, where they can easily obtain orders, and deliver them by email or directly to the support services of the websites. Freelance writing has found its place now as an important part of the economy of several countries. It has also been considered a full time opportunity, with more and more people turning to this mode of self-employment.

Freelance writers have managed to turn the rapidly changing scenario and the advent of the Internet in their favor. The new technology, however, has made it more difficult for them to escape plagiarism. It has become abundantly clear, in recent years, that the quality of the work they do must be accurate and of excellent standard. The writing needs to be completely original for writers to establish their place in the freelance writing industry.  Writers should possess a combination of areas of knowledge and creativity,  to help stabilize their performance. Learning correct citation techniques, writing styles, correct formatting, and improved creativity are the basic elements of their job.

Freelance writers must possess writing as well as research skills. Research work is a basic requirement that ensures the writing is grounded in academic rigor. Freelance writers must master the technique of effective research work that forms the background to their writing skills.

A freelance writer must avoid plagiarism, and shun commonplace or ordinary methods that do not fulfill academic expectations. It is the social and moral responsibility of the freelance writer to portray reality and not be taken in by popular literature.

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