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Our company welcomes writers of all genres, areas of expertise and professional experience. It does not matter where you worked previously or if you worked at all. Our customers are students from high schools, colleges and universities all over the world, and academic writing is something with which you already have a great deal of experience. Our main focus when hiring an aspiring writer is their knowledge of the English language, their expertise in areas of academic study, and their willingness to share all that with others. If you can prove that you’ve acquired a degree, that is a good indicator that you can perform proper research and write an excellent paper.

If you enjoyed writing at school, then this is the perfect job for you, especially if you are just starting out in freelance writing business. Moreover, writing papers can be much more enjoyable if you work for money and not just grades. If you take your job seriously, we will help you develop and improve more professional skills that will never go amiss, in any kind of job you take.

If you have done your research on prospective employers, which you should always do, you have probably seen some mean feedback about us. That is normal! No company can satisfy every employee, but we promise you a number of benefits that you can verify right away:

  • Registration is free of charge. Yes, some platforms still require a fee to start working. What is the point? You are here to earn money, not spend it.
  • Fair competition. There is a reason why registration is only periodically open, on any website offering writing jobs. We know how many brilliant writers there are, but a huge team would lack the challenge, and in turn, a way to improve everybody’s skills.
  • Easy communication. We have set up a live chat that will get you in contact with the Support Team. They will help you with registration and, later, with any questions about your orders or communicating with customers.
  • Easy registration. We have a FAQ page about the registration process; there is also information on the blog that can help you build your writing career.

Choose Writing Online As Your Freelance Career

Writing is the one job you can easily do at home from any part of the world. Here, receiving orders is the easiest; you receive a file with requirements and instructions, and you can communicate with the company and client through different means like phone, chat or online messaging. Only technical thing you need is a computer with Internet connection. And all you need for employment is your application through a website and your email address. You also do not need to go to an office to receive your payment, you get it right to your credit or debit card.

You may be already writing online in a blog, using platforms or social media accounts. That is a great experience, but why not get paid for writing? Being a writer for AcademicExperts.us is in no way going dampen your originality, and you will still be able to practice your creative skills, but your efforts will be compensated.

If you want to go freelance or, for some reason, have to go freelance, becoming an academic writer is the easiest way to transition from the office to home. Many jobs require prior experience, and academic writing is what you have been doing for more than several years, at least since high school. You know the standards and regulations, as well as academic citation styles. You can do a good job for someone who needs guidance with their writing.

Writing Online - Find Success in Your Field

Our online writing jobs are a way for you to develop personal skills and grow professionally in the writing field. Our work schedule is flexible, so you can work part-time as well as full-time. Sign up, submit a sample paper and start taking orders in the disciplines of your choosing. Your account has everything you need to choose orders, upload completed assignments, and communicate with clients or the support team. You can contact support at any time you are experiencing technical difficulties, having trouble operating the website, or are at odds with a client.

We care about satisfying the needs of our customers, but we also do our best to make all our writers comfortable. We offer good fees and a convenient account interface; if you are good at your job, there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, you should never worry about doing any kind of job you like. We are known worldwide, and we are always on the hunt for writers. Make use of your skills here, and we promise that your employment will be mutually beneficial. Good writers are welcome here.

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